Three Nations Education Group Inc. (TNEGI) was formed in 2009 out of the existing MAWIW Tribal Council alliance between Esgenoopetitj, Tobique, and Elsipogtog First Nations. Prior to the establishment of TNEGI, the Directors of Education from each community met regularly to share their experiences in education and the mutual challenges facing their communities and schools.

In their desire to address the lack of services available to First Nations educators and families created by the federal government’s systemic underfunding of education on-reserve and its unwillingness to enable First Nations control of education, the three Education Directors sought the support of their Chiefs and Councils to formalize their partnership as a First Nations Education Authority. Three Nations Education Group Inc. was the result.

Since it was created, TNEGI has assumed management of the K4 Transition to Kindergarten Initiative and begun administering literacy, numeracy, and school supports through the First Nation Student Success Program. TNEGI has also made connections with numerous education organizations and government agencies, as well as post-secondary institutions and private companies, in its efforts to improve education service delivery through integrated partnerships. For more information regarding these undertakings, please see the Programs and Partnerships sections on this website.

Currently, TNEGI is focused on building its capacity to deliver second and third level educational services for the betterment of its communities and schools. Its recently released strategic plan outlines the Education Authority’s priorities and its vision for the future.


TNEGI is delivering services similar to a Mi’kmaq-Maliseet Department of Education. There, our experts work cooperatively with Provincial staff. Both support quality services to First Nations students at every level of education. Children and families are engaged with community schools where the culture is celebrated and people are positive about their futures. Success has brought all parties together and moving quickly toward self-government.