Innovation in Education

Innovation in Education Program (Formerly New Paths)

The Innovation in Education Program replaced the Innovation Activities Program offered under the now discontinued New Paths for Education program.

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The Innovation in Education program supports the development of innovative education initiatives ranging from technology, Indigenous language and culture, and land-based learning. The goal is improving the quality of First Nation education for elementary and secondary school students.
Activities funded under the Innovation in Education program may look like a new program in school, piloting an adaptation of an existing program for a new educational purpose or age group, evaluating programs first initiated under the discontinued New Paths for Education program.
The program is a small part of broader efforts to improve First Nations elementary and secondary education. Activities are expected to support improving the overall quality of education in First Nations and to contribute to specific results.
To learn more about the Innovation in Education program and how to submit a proposal, we invite you to read through the Innovation in Education Program: National Program Guidelines webpage.
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