Education Partnerships Program

Understanding The Education Partnerships Program

Three Nations Education Group Inc. has partnered with the Province of New Brunswick and First Nations Education Initiative Inc. (FNEII) since the inception of the Education Partnerships Program (EPP) in 2008-09.


The EPP is a proposal-based funding program designed to bring First Nation education organizations into partnerships with the provincial governments in their province of residence. Each year, the partners must work together to identify mutual priorities, build project proposals, and in turn, manage projects found eligible for funding for the fiscal year (April-March).

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Many of the projects supported by the EPP have spanned multiple years, expanding in size in many cases from a pilot project in select communities in year one to a presence in several or all communities in following years as the project matures.
Importantly, eligible EPP projects can pertain to Band-operated and provincial schools, whereas its sister funding source, the First Nations Student Success Program, is completely dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of students in Band-operated Schools.
Because of this, and because of the nature of the Partnerships program, which requires a provincial partner participate, EPP projects often focus on building linkages between First Nations communities and schools and the provincial system, easing the transition between the systems, and sharing best practices between the systems to build the capacity of each to work with First Nations students.
To learn more about the Education Partnerships Program and how you can take part in any calls for proposals, we invite you to visit the Indigenous Services Canada portion of the Government of Canada website resource bank.
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